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Frequently asked questions

Since the spading digs 45cm deep there is no need to raise beds and one can plant straight after spading. The crumble bar prepares the topsoil for that. By walking the soil between the planted space paths and beds are created. Link SBO Spading Machine

We do recommend ripping the soil up to 60cm deep before spading to get optimum drainage. The importance of the ripping depends on the type of soil.

There is no specific standard value to determine the lifespan of a filter. Its longevity depends on various factors such as the brand of the filter, contamination during spraying (whether or not it comes into contact with the spray mist), humidity levels, the user’s lung capacity, and storage methods. A filter typically contains a certain amount of activated carbon, and once it becomes “full,” its effectiveness diminishes. The duration of this process varies depending on the factors mentioned above. Manufacturers usually recommend replacing the filter when the user begins to smell chemicals, but by that point, it may already be too late. Ideally, it would be best to conduct research to determine how long it takes for the user to detect chemical odors under your specific circumstances. Based on this information, a safe number of operating hours can be established for the replacement protocols.

UFO sells plant material on a commission basis to growers in Africa and Ecuador. UFO Supplies provides horticultural products to professional growers worldwide. UFO Supplies has evolved from UFO which was established in 1988. Read more about UFO.

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Deep red light is the light between 600-680nm, plants absorb and use this light for basic processes such as respiration, sugar production and growth. Far red light is light between 680-720nm, plants use this light for hormonal processes such as discolouration and growth/flowering switching.

Shipping costs depend on various factors such as the size, weight and delivery address of your order. The exact shipping costs will be stated in your ProForma Invoice.

When using metham sodium, a low boiling organic filter is required, so it is important that the filter has a B-factor. B2P3 is the best and most efficient. If other chemistries are also used, use a combination filter with the desired combinations.