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Flower binding

Product information

Binding machine Automatic flower bunching machine for stand alone use or integration on a flower processing line. Proven technology from Bercomex.

User information

No matter what kind of flower you need to bind, it won't be a problem for the Bercomex CRM binding machine. A large bouquet of roses can be bound just as easily as a small bunch of tulips. And always at high speed, so you can bind more flowers in less time. For any type of flower or bouquet The CRM binding machine effortlessly binds all types of flower and bouquet at high speed. You save time and your production capacity will be significantly increased. Various types of binding are possible thanks to the adjustable elastic tension, so you can use this binding machine for any type of flower or bouquet.

Technical information

Capacity of up to 5.400 bunches per hour Suitable for all types of flower, bouquet and binding Stand-alone or in conjunction with a flower processing line, Furora or chrysanthemum harvester Two directions of operation Rugged and long-lasting Can be extended with the Jumbo Cone holder Power: 230V 50Hz

Binding machine Bercomex CRM

High speed binding
Adjustable elastic tension
Continuity in your flower processing

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