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For Moldex 9000 and 7000 series of masks

Product information

Filter A2B2E1 Moldex Easy-Lock A2B2E1 filter for Moldex 9000 and 7000 series of masks

User information

The A2B2E1 combined filter protects when working with either common chemicals in horticulture including metham sodium. Use this filter in combination with a full face mask.

Technical information

Filter cartridge with carbon filter filling and dust filter;A2 protects against organic vapours with boilingpoint < 65°C, B2 protects against acetous gasses, E1 against sulphur dioxide;filter colour indication brown+grey+white;screw filter system;filters are packed by set of 4

Filter A2B2E1 Moldex Easy-Lock

Full protection in horticulture
Contributes to ergonomic mask
Filter A2B2E1 Moldex Easy-Lock