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Product information

Florissant 100 Ethylene protection. Florissant100 is a fresh flower conditioner to stop ethylene damage in flowers. Post harvest treatment. Effects; extends vase life, ensures better colour, prevents petal drop, prevents shrinking of buds.

User information

For optimal results, flowers must be treated with Florissant 100 solution immediately after cutting. Flowers should be treated for at least 4 hours with a maximum of 72 hours. Florissant 100 can be re-used up to 7 days. For: Gypsophila, Lily, Phlox, Chamelaucium, Bouvardia, Carnation, Delphinium, Alstroemeria, Dianthus, Scabiosa, Antirrhinum, Euphorbia fulgens, Veronica, Asclepias and other ethylene sensitive flowers.

Technical information

Dosage: 2ml per litre water Packaging: 1ltr bottle / 6 bottles a box Shelf life: 2 years Storage: dark, dry and in an ambient temperature

Florissant 100 Ethylene protection

Extends vase life
Prevents petal drop
Prevents flower shrinking

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