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For professional growers.

High wire hook J.S. 220mm wound with biodegradable twine

Increases your yield
Simple solution
Helps achieving your sustainable goals


Tomato growers
Biological growers
High wire hooks are mainly used in tomato cultivation to support the producing part of the plant, the 22-cm hook can be wound with 3-ply jute for environmentally conscious growing. Bio twine is a sustainable form of twine which closes the sustainable life cycle. The twine is extracted from nature, and is returned to nature via the tomato hooks. Bato bio twine is made from 100% naturally sourced materials, and has excellent UV protection. It’s also very easy to recycle industrially. Bato high wire hooks are specially wound according to the J.S. system. With this system, the hooks are neatly arranged next to each other in the box, with the loose part neatly folded on top.

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