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For professional growers.

Philips LED Toplight Linear 1.3

Excellent light uniformity
Output up to 800umol/s
Low maintenance costs


Breeders, propagators, growers
Whether you want to increase yields, move to predictable year-round production, improve quality or shorten growth cycles the GreenPower LED toplighting is in many situations a crucial ingredient for your success. The GreenPower LED toplighting delivers very high levels of light output, while radiating much less heat than HPS toplighting. That means you an control light and temperature separately to reach unprecedented lighting levels for your plants and improve control over your growing conditions. Key benefits: - Excellent light uniformity to ensure uniform growth - shorten grow cycles - improve color, shape and taste - low maintenance costs - 50% energy reduction compared to HPS - custom light recipe to fit your crop and situation - easy to mount and connect

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