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Product information

Leaf and thorn stripping machine with brusshes on both sides. Compact design and easy in operation.

User information

Machine is ideal for many type operations when flowers need to be stripped from leaves quick and easy. Use for instance in home-selling flower nurseries, cut flower nurseries, flower shops, bouquet makers. Do not overfeed the machine, this will reduce the life time of the brushes and reduce the defoliating result. The machine is designed to defoliate 10-15 stems at the time depending on the thickness of stems.

Technical information

Power supply: 110V or 230V Plug: UK, Canadian or European plug. Brushes for this machine: 4-comb rubber brushes, available in 3 grades: soft, hard and extra hard.

Defoliating machine Terlouw RSM J2

Versatile users
Compact machine
Quick and easy defoliating

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