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We are the partner with accurate knowledge, innovative ideas and the best products for all International horticulturists with the wish to do business cost effective and sustainable.

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The best products, a relevant and up to date assortment, the best people and innovative solutions and tools to solve whatever problem our customer has. We have got your back.

Save Energy

Energy-Management for conscious energy use.

Protect your people

Take care of your people and supply them with all the gear they need.

Efficiency & loss reduction

Everything you need for mechanization and maintenance.

Mechanization & maintenance

Increase your efficiency and optimize your yield.

Reduce chemical actions

Use these alternatives for chemical intervention.

Alternative fertilizers

Use these alternatives for traditional fertilizers.

Save water

Make use of water consciously with these tools and measures.

Measurement equipment

The best measurement equipment for all you need to know about your plants.

Tools & supplies

All basic tools and supplies you need.

Happy customers

Together we continue to grow.
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Plant Factory

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A selection of our products

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Harvest knive
Rooting powder Chryzoplus grey 0.8%
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