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Fitzgerald Nurseries Ltd

Fitzgerald Nurseries Ltd

For professional growers.

Fitzgerald Nurseries Ltd is a young plant producer of ornamental and vegetable crops (and sister companies Beotanics and Nativaland) is known as a small company with big innovation capabilities. Great in thinking outside the box when it comes to new products in the plant business.

Pat Fitzgerald (owner FitzGerald Nurseries Ltd): “What many people don’t know that we also have a division that sells large volumes of vegetable puree such as sweet potatoes to the food industry. The business started on the ground of our own farm, where we were still milking cows at the time. The farm is in our family since the 1700s for over 9 generations. The company group is transformed into 100% plant based activities over the years.”

Fitzgerald does business with UFO Supplies for three years now. Pat: “The relationship with UFO Supplies has opened a wider range of products for us, and makes sure that we always have to best product for our specific demands. We needed to become more efficient without losing our innovative mindset and goals: the solutions UFO offers us, help is doing so. UFO is a company that not just sells products, but thinks alongside and offers solutions. “

up to date knowlegde
great service
wide rage of products

FitzGerald Nurseries Ltd is happy with the way UFO Supplies does business. They respond quickly to questions, offer a wide range of products and do what they say. Pat: “They are always honest and guide us towards the right solution. Even if they do not offer it themselves, they help us get it somewhere else. The service is great, and we hope to expand our relationship based on the current experience that we have. Compared to some of our other suppliers, we see that UFO Supplies has up to date knowledge and excellent sourcing capabilities. I would definitely recommend UFO Supplies as a partner!”

In the picture: Pat Fitzgerald

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