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Jaap’s thoughts on hortiLed lights 

Jaap’s thoughts on hortiLed lights 

For professional growers.

Light is one of the elements by which we have the right to exist on earth. Without light there is no life, without light there is no future. Light determines many things in nature and determines how we feel as humans. Light is the trigger of various processes and transitions. Light causes plants to grow and develop. Light ensures that we can eat. In short, light is a very important growth factor. Research shows that not the entire spectrum affects growth and development, but a small portion of the total spectrum affects this.

Blue light (400-500nm) affects plant shape, color and flowering.

Deep Red light (600-700nm), the red light in addition to, the blue light also affects the making of chloroplasts (plant's factory) also affects the behavior of the plant (photoperiodicity). To make or not to make shoots, whether to bloom or not etc.

Far Red light (700-800nm), affects the stretching of the plant and how the plant will look like.


The above results essentially means that, every crop and plant has a different need in terms of light intensity and light spectrum. The combination of Philips/Signify (with 100 years of development experience in light) and the years of practical experience of UFO Supplies in the field (on the different continents) results in a tailor made light advice for the grower.

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