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Rein’s thoughts on logistics 

Rein’s thoughts on logistics 

For professional growers.

Logistics is an important part of our service. We understand the need of the grower to be able to get his products without much hassle. A very important part of our work is the delivery process.

This means that we need to receive your orders in time so that we can get started to have a smooth processing supply chain. Marga is responsible for the administrative processing of the order. The paperwork with the correct shipping forms is often a big puzzle. Marga has years of experience. The shipment only leaves when Marga has the paperwork 100% in order.

Our agent network plays a major role in this. Products must be transported from A to B as efficiently and quickly as possible. Packages and goods can be sent in different ways. We work with carefully selected forwarders as Shypple/Milestone and InXpress. There are several factors that determine which type of cargo is most suitable for you, such as the volume and how quickly it must arrive. If the orders are placed in time, the chances are better that they can be shipped as efficiently and inexpensively as possible.

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