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Product information

Florissant 600 Hydration is a post harvest treatment for nursery use, it inhibits vascular blockage and stimulates water uptake. Using Florissant 600 also ensures cleaner water and a longer vase life.

User information

For optimal results, flowers must be treated with Florissant 600 solution immediately after cutting. Flowers should be treated for at least 4 hours with a maximum of 48 hours. Florissant 600 can be re-used up to 7 days. For: especially used for Roses, Hydrangea, Bouvardia and other woody stemmed flowers.

Technical information

Dosage: 10ml per litre of water Packaging: 25ltr can / 200ltr drum Shelf life: 2 years Storage: dark, dry and in an ambient temperature

Florissant 600 Hydration

Extends vase life
Prevents rose petal drop
Stimulates water up take
Florissant 600 Hydration