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Product information

Manual hose reel with frame to be fitted onto Empas spray cart. Does come with HP couplings, without hp hose.

User information

Manual hose reel with stop. With the handle the reel can be wound. Hose reels are an order option for the Empas trolleys Monana, Atlanta and Georgia. When stored on a hose reel your HP hose will have a much longer life time and your operations look tidy and smart.

Technical information

The hose reel will be mounted on the back of the Empas spray trolley Montana, Atlanta or Georgia. The frame is made to fit the type of trolley you have. The hose reel can be ordered facing back wards, side ways or swiveling. Hp hose to be ordered seperately.

Hose reel manual trolley mounted

Increase life time of your HP hose
Simple solution
Easy working

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