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Product information

Insoles that protect feet from loosing warmth working in cold environments. These insoles fit to all sorts of boots and all sizes.

User information

These insoles allow you to use any kind of shoes or boots you prefer and protect your feet from cold coming up the sole. Ideal for use in cold stores or when doing static jobs in a chilly or windy location

Technical information

Offers intensive aluminium protection against cold, highly recommended for very severe cold - A system with air cells in the insole, supported by dual aluminium protection, this sole offers exceptionally effective insulation against the cold Thanks to the combination of materials used, effective thermal comfort is assured Non-slip coating to prevent slipping in the shoe Colour: silver-grey Available sizes: 37-47

Isulating inner sole Bama Airtech

Simple solution
Excellent price/quality balance
Fits all shoes & boots
Isulating inner sole Bama Airtech