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Heavy flower cultivation

Product information

Nie-co-roll MAXI with large white hook Retractable support wire for heavy flowers such as Cymbidium. Nie-co-roll patented design is a bench mark for many years in cultivation of Cymbidium.

User information

The Nie-co-rolls are hung on a support wire. The retractable wire from the Nie-co-roll roll is twisted around the stem and secured with a hook. Stem is held upwards without damaging the precious stem and flowers.

Technical information

Available in two types: Nie-co-roll Maxi wire lenght 135cm, spring tension medium. Nie-co-roll Mega wire lenght 165cm, spring tension high.

Nie-co-roll heavy flower support

Hook size
Prevents losses in cultivation
For Cymbidium
Nie-co-roll heavy flower support