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Product information

4-wheel manual pallet lifter for moving pallets over rought terrain. Two high side wheels give extra balance and gip. Smooth roller that easily moves products over gravel and rough outdoor surfaces. The Pallet lifter is very suitable for moving heavy materials up to 1200kg. The forks are adjustable for special pallet dimensions. This pallet lifter is robust and strong.

User information

On any farm there are all sorts of jobs where this pallet lifter could be handy.

Technical information

- 3-position hand control - Raise, lower, neutral, 3" lowered and 9" raised height - 16" pneumatic front tires with 10" steering wheels - 180° steering arc. Adjustable forks - weight cart 225 kg - fork width of 100 mm - total width 1590 mm - total length 1406 mm - lowest position of 65 mm - lifting height of 240 mm - castors with air supply - turning circle of 1500 mm

Pallet lifter rough terrain

For rough terrain
For heavy pallets
For versatile jobs
Pallet lifter rough terrain