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Product information

Par Spectrometer LX1400 The PAR Spectrometer has an integrated spectum and indicates not only the available PAR light, but also the color composition of the lighting (for example LED). It's easy to check your lighting with this highly accurate measuring instrument. This portable measuring instrument combines various light measurement functions such as: colour spectrum, colour temperature, CRI, illuminance and radiation. - Specially designed for analysis of the light spectrum of plants, flowers, vegetables and fruit - For professional horticulture and indoor farming - Offers you reliable measurement results, free software included allows the instrument to be connected to the PC to read out the date.

User information

The next step in data-driven growing is monitoring your grow light system. With this measuring instrument, you can accurately check whether the operation of your LED grow lights still meets requirements. This will prevent yield loss and you stay ahead of any errors. Using a 5-inch touchscreen, parameters and curves are displayed in real time, which is clear and quick to use. It can measure broad-spectrum light sources such as LED grow lights, but also smaller narrow-spectrum light sources such as CFL energy-saving lamps, high- and low-pressure sodium HID lamps can be easily monitored.

Technical information

Specifications: PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) measurement in the range 350 to 800 nm PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux) measurement PPF evaluates the total amount of energy produced by a light source per second. PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) measurement in µmol/m2/s PPFD is a measure of how much light actually reaches a plant. Illuminance range: 5-200,000 Lux Colour warmth range: 1,000-100,000 Kelvin Accuracy: ±0.001 for x, y coordinates Repeatability: ±0.0005 for x, y coordinates Illuminance accuracy: ±4% (Class 1) Chromogenic accuracy: ±1.5% Wavelength accuracy: ±0.5nm Wavelength interval: 1nm Resolution: 16 bits, 250kSPS Screen: 5'HD IPS LCD Dimensions: 163×81×25.8mm

PAR Spectrometer LX1400

PAR and light spectrum meter in 1
Optimize cultivation
High accuracy

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