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Product information

Rhizopon is the leading brand in rooting powders for professional use. The well balanced products stimulate optimum root development for many kind of different cuttings.

User information

A pre-treatment of cuttings with a powder-based growth substance is one of the most common methods of instigating cuttings to generate roots simultaneously and uniformly. Because of its special compound, powder has a slow release effect. Many plants may show a better reaction to this slow release of active ingredient than they would do to the faster absorption from a solution. To select the rooting powder you need please check the Rhizopon rooting guide by clicking this link: RHIZOPON ROOTING GUIDE.

Technical information

Active ingredient: 3-Indole Buteric Acid in 0.5%, 1% or 2% mixture Powder formula Available in 100gram pot, 500gram jar or 10kg box

Rooting powder Rhizopon AA

Homogeneous mixture
Small to bulk packaging
Different percentages available
Rooting powder Rhizopon AA