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Product information

Support netting metal Galfan metal netting. Also known as of Zincalu or Crapal netting. Metal netting coated with an alloy of 95% zinc and 5% aluminium. The zinc/aluminium alloy gives at least three times more resistance to corrosion compared with normal galvanized netting.

User information

In flowers to be used to prevent bending and breaking of stems during cultivation. The net is stretched over the flower bed and, depending on the type of flower, one or two layers are applied. For crops such as alstroemeria, carnation, chrysanthemum, gypsophyla and many others. For support of the metal netting we advise to use aluminium T-profile with preset notches which makes it easy to move up the netting along the crop grows.

Technical information

Standard wire thicknes 1,30mm. Different sizes mesh available. 25x25cm or 20x20cm for Hydrangea 12.5x12.5cm for Chrysanthemum or Carnation Standard roll is 100mtr of lenght.
Prevents losses in cultivation
Long life time

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