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Könst Alstroemeria B.V.

Könst Alstroemeria B.V.

For professional growers.

Könst Alstroemeria B.V. specializes in selecting, breeding and delivering Alstroemeria plants for professional cut flower production. Könst has had an intensive collaboration with UFO Supplies for the Brazilian market for over 15 years. Paco van der Louw (General Manager Könst Alstroemeria B.V.): “Jaap van Staaveren from UFO Supplies was one of the pioneers here. That good relationship has never changed.”

Könst Alstroemeria B.V. is the market leader in Brazil and supplies more than 80% of all Alstroemerias grown in the country. When purchasing the plants, many buyers immediately purchase the products needed to optimize growth: from cutting blades to flower food. The products of UFO supplies are in many cases better than the locally produced products and are therefore purchased via Könst. A strong bond has been built over the years. Paco “If we can sell it via UFO Supplies, we will. Our strategic partnership is based on mutual trust. Whatever is going on, we will solve it together. Both Könst and UFO Supplies are reliable parties that can rely on each other.”

better than locally produced products
strategic partnership based on mutual trust
an innovative party that regularly introduces new products
always looks for a solution for everything

For Könst it is important that there is always sufficient stock for the growers in Brazil. That is why they purchase a fixed package of products that are always in demand. That's not to say that nothing ever changes. Paco: “UFO Supplies is an innovative party that regularly introduces new products. They are driven and passionate about their products and innovations. Unfortunately, the legislation here does not always allow innovations to be introduced here as well. But we are definitely taking steps! For example, we recently introduced biodegradable plastic for the same price as normal plastic. An important step for the environment here!” UFO Supplies is experienced by Könst as a partner who really thinks along with them and always looks for a solution for everything. “I actually don't have any work on it at all,” says Paco.

In the picture: Paco van der Louw

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