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Royal van Zanten

Royal van Zanten

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From supplier to partner

Royal van Zanten, one of the best breeders of Chrysanthemum and other cut flowers, has been a regular customer of UFO Supplies for decades. Royal van Zanten has an excellent reputation in the market and is well known by everyone. They are transparent and are famous for top quality products. To ensure that they can continue to produce and deliver this top quality, they work together with partners who work according to the same standard.

UFO Supplies is one of these partners. What started out as a traditional customer-supplier relationship has now grown into a true partnership. UFO Supplies thinks along with you about the business and ensures, among other things, that all orders and containers are shipped as efficiently as possible. John van Vredendaal (Operations Manager, Royal van Zanten, Mukono, Uganda) “UFO Supplies has become much more of a service provider than a supplier. They play a crucial role in the delivery of all kinds of horticultural products. They really understand what our wishes and needs are regarding to products and service.”

a true partnership
thinks along with you about the business
a crucial role in product delivery
carefree and with the best prices

UFO Supplies likes to unburden its customers and provides total package solutions. This is also exactly why Royal van Zanten likes to do business with UFO Supplies. John: “They think along, make sure we can do business carefree and guarantee the best prices. Everyone here in Uganda is very positive about our cooperation.”

In the picture: John van Vredendaal

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