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Product information

pH Calibration liquid for Nieuwkoop portable pH meters.

User information

PH measurement meters such as the PH1200 and EP1400 meters from Nieuwkoop need calibration on a frequent basis. These pre mixed calibration fluids help you to do proper calibration. It is preferred to use the Nieuwkoop calibration station to ease the job of calibration. Do not polute your stock bottle by inserting the sensor to calibrate directly in the bottle. Pour a small quantity in a small cup and do calibration from there, after calibration dispose the used liquid.

Technical information

Calibration liquids with standard values of: pH 4.01 / pH 6.86 / pH 7.00 Available in bottles of: 125ml / 250ml / 1000ml / 5000ml

pH calibration liquid bottle

Original calibration liquids
Frequent calibration for optimal readings
Bulk packaging

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