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Product information

Digital and portable pH meter, must have for all professional growers. The PH1200 is supplied in a handy carrying case with calibration liquids (pH-4, pH-7), user-manual and a storage liquid for the pH-electrode. The temperature is automatic compensated (when temperature sensor is connected) and the instrument has an automatic calibration and data storage function which means that simplicity, and accuracy is guaranteed.

User information

Professional and easy to use machine for your own pH measurements in irrigation water, drain water and soil sample extracts.

Technical information

Measuring range: 0-14 pH Measuring range temperature: -10 / + 110C Memory capacity: 80 measurements Accuracy: 0.1pH Resolution: 0.01pH Power supply: 1x battery 9V

pH meter PH-1200 Nieuwkoop

Highly accurate reading
Durable quality

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