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Product information

Whitefix powder dry climate Screening agent in powder form for climates with minimum rain fall. As a uniform snow-white screening film it provides maximum heat reflection. Remains on the plastic for approximately 2-4 months, depending on amount of sunlight and rainfall it is exposed to. The powder formula dissolves completely into cold water, the solution can be applied on the plastic by hand- or spray pump system. Percentage of shading can be adjusted by adding more or less powder to the standard solution.

User information

Screening powders are typically used in Mediterranean climates and flower and vegetable growing countries such as Spain, Greece and Turkey. However we see it more and more used in countries around the Equator to protect cut flowers in plastic greenhouses from heat and sun in hot seasons. This most economic type of shading agent available, helps you to: - reduce heat and create an optimum climate for growth - improve growth - improve yields - decrease disease problems especially root problems - improve the life expectancy of your plastic. Whitefix is advised for dry climates with occasional rain fall during the screening season. For climates with sunshine and frequent rain fall you may choose Shadefix powder.

Technical information

Rates: 10x 25kg bag/ha for 50% shading 15x 25kg bag/ha for 65% shading 20x 25kg bag/ha for 80% shading (to be applied in two times)

Whitefix powder dry climate

Reduces heat in your greenhouse
Cheap solution
Increases your yield

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